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I have been managing money for Private Clients since 1984 and am currently the head of the Private Client Group for a $7B Institutional firm. I voraciously read as much macroeconomic information as possible. While I find the more contemporaneous dissection of economic data from the sell side very useful, it is the greater larger picture only available from the buy side that I find most interesting.
Among those to which I am most loyal, I find the Macro Tides published by Jim Welsh to be among the best. There is deep analysis on various areas of the domestic economy that are both current and bigger picture in nature. However, Jim’s focus is varied and not only includes international economies but more intricate analysis of supply and demand and how the Federal Reserve, money supply and liquidity may impact the markets. The opinions are usually backed up by well researched data giving the reader a much more nuanced picture than just from 3,000 feet. Consider me a fan. Rick W.

I love your work. Luis T. Director Investment Strategy and Research RIA managing $11 billion

After the 2008 and 2009 crash I looked for sources who had recommended getting out of the market in 2007 and 2008 but who had then turned bullish in February or March of 2009. While there were lots of people warning of impending doom in 2007 and 2008, they were still warning of impending doom in 2009 and 2010. And while many were bullish in the Spring of 2009, they were bullish all through the crash as well. After my extensive research (I spent well over 150 hours retrieving and reading available publications) I found only three who met my criteria for roughly “getting it right”. Jeffrey Gundlach, Ned Davis, and Jim Welsh. Jim does a great job of blending fundamental and technical analysis and communicating in a way I can understand. He is able to read the Fed minutes and identify gaps between what the Fed is saying and how it is being interpreted by the market. Dave B. Independent advisor Large National Wealth Management Firm

As independent advisors with a large national broker dealer, we have known and worked with Jim for the better part of the last decade. His knowledge and agnostic approach to markets and economies is without question an asset that we have grown to depend on. Jim combines both technical and fundamental factors in an attempt to gain a better understanding of where things are heading based on years of experience analyzing financial markets across the globe. Simply invaluable resource! Bill Z. Advisory group with a Large National Wealth Management Firm

I have been a tactical growth portfolio manager for over 20 years and have found Jim Welsh’s insight to be extremely valuable. Jim’s Weekly Technical Review has helped me manage risk in my clients portfolios over the years I have followed him. Jim’s monthly Macro Tides is extremely informative and has helped keep me up to speed on the fundamentals that shape our markets. Jim’s insight has always been useful and I always look forward to the next Weekly Technical Review John M, Large National Wealth Management Firm

Thank you for the weekly/monthly insights that you share, it surely helps keep me grounded when the markets and media get frenzied and clients get nervous…Most valuable. Cheers to 2019!! Greg C. President Wealth Management Firm

Dale Pinkert has interviewed over 1k Analysts, Traders and then "Jim You're an important part of my intelligence gathering! " Thank you. Dale Pinkert @ForexStopHunter

Keep up the excellent work. Andrew L. Subscriber

Keep up the good work. Paul W. LPL Advisor

Keep up the good work. David S. Sr. VP Wedbush

Love your work! Robert Y. Next Financial Advisor

I’m finding your analysis extremely valuable—thank you. Steve S. Private investor

Thank you for your great work! Steve W. Private investor

Keep up the good work. The videos are a good addition. Dave S. Sr. VP Wedbush

I appreciate your insight! Paul W. Large National Wealth Management Firm

Good morning Jim, Just wanted to send you a quick note to say thanks for all the excellent work during this massively volatile time. I appreciate all the good information! Rick Holbrook (3/27/2020)

Jim... you really continue to be one of the very best analysts I’ve ever read... and, unfortunately, I’ve had to read quite a few. Hope you are doing well. Stay safe my friend. John Balevic (3/25/2020)

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