About Jim Welsh

Jim Welsh is a student of the financial markets and a seasoned veteran of investing with forty years of portfolio management experience, including: security research & analysis, model building, portfolio construction, asset allocation, and is a specialist in technical analysis and macro-economics. Did we mention he is also an all-around good guy?

As nationally recognized financial expert Jim has been quoted in Barrons, the San Diego Union-Tribune, Consensus, the Big Picture, Econintersect, and Market Views. Mr. Welsh has been interviewed on Fox Business News and CNBC, CBS radio and given more than 3,000 interviews on TV, radio, and internet business shows since 1988.

An example of Welsh's impressive market calls includes the major sell-off in world markets in 2007. That year, Jim correctly anticipated the housing & credit crisis and predicted the bear market in stocks in 2008. In February 2009, just before the market bottomed and economic statistics improved, Welsh identified the signs of a turnaround in the stock market and economy. A Recap of this analysis from 2007 - 2009 is available. Learn More.

Investment Philosophy

Why this Investment Approach is Different.

The Macro Tides holistic approach combines Monetary, Fundamental, Momentum, Major Trend Indicator, Market Breadth, Chart Analysis, Contrary Opinion, Positioning, and Sentiment to identify trend changes in various financial markets. This holistic approach is unique since most other mainstream fund managers rely almost exclusively on fundamental analysis and historical performance-based asset allocation models.

Our investment approach identifies trend changes in the following markets:

  • U.S Equities
  • Dollar & Euro Currency
  • Emerging Markets
  • U.S. Treasury (long/short)
  • Gold & Gold Stocks

Key Forecasts

Historical trend changes are available on Resources.

Investment Process

A. Market Analysis

  • Major Trend Indicator (Signal Direction)
    GOAL: To Determine when to be 'All In', 'All Out', or 'Short' the market (S&P 500)
  • Technical Indicator (Momentum)
    GOAL: To 'Fine Tune' the trading ranges (opportunities), or 'Reduce Exposure'
    • Technical Analysis
    • Sentiment Indicators
  • Economic Indicator (Drawdown Measure)
    GOAL: To determine the 'Severity of Correction' or potential 'Advancement'
    • Market Valuation (Fundamental)
    • Asset Class Analysis

B. Security Selection

  • Select Sector
    GOAL: To Determine which sectors are the 'Most Attractive'
  • Rank Sector (Momentum)
  • Security Selection

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